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 How The Crystal Dawn Began

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PostSubject: How The Crystal Dawn Began   Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:45 am

After a discussion group that both Flowering Dawn & I belonged to was deleted by one of its managers, we truly felt the loss. I was looking for another group for us, but I wasn't having much luck. Then Flowering announced that she was going to create a group for us! I was a bit skeptical.....where on earth were we going to find members?..... but Flowering Dawn had the notion that "if we built it, they would come."

And now it seems we have come full circle a new place, "orphaned" by MSN. But that's okay, because while we had to pull up stakes & move, those we love have followed. We'll make this place our own & it will soon feel like home, because everyone that we care for has followed us here & because our home can only be a home because of these wonderful people.

We recreated our group with the same vision we had long ago.....for ourselves & for future members.....

The Dawn was to be a place of learning.....not just for those new to the Path, but for all who journeyed. And we would learn & grow with our fellow travelers. The topics would cover a multitude of subjects and we would always be open to creating a new board for a new area of interest.

The Dawn was to be a place of tolerance. A place for those who followed different traditions.....for solitary wiccans or witches, coven members, pagans, those who walked the Red Path.....and those who blended various customs and traditions, as well as for those who were simply seeking to find what spiritual road felt good beneath their feet.

The Dawn would be open to people of all ages. I felt strongly that mature young people needed a place to mingle with older people on an intellectual level, & there was much to be gained by both sides by the interaction. The youngsters, with their questions & comments cause us to see things from a different viewpoint, and they acquire wisdom from our experiences.

The Dawn was to be a haven. A place to unwind in. A place where those who had to hide their faith, could feel free & not so all alone.

The Dawn was to be a place of healing. A place where a member could "vent" a problem, get advice, a virtual hug, prayers, & a sense of solidarity.

The Dawn would have laughter. A lighthearted place where we could be silly at times & poke fun at ourselves.

The Dawn would be a spiritual place.....a place to meet others and share a part of our walk along the Path.

The Dawn would have an active membership....not a place with 200 people, and where only 20 are heard from.

The Dawn would be a place of sharing. A sharing of ideas, views, questions, wisdom & laughter.

The Dawn was to be treated as if it were our home. A place with the feeling of being with family. Our home away from home, with good people around us.

We're happy to say this vision was realized.

The Crystal Dawn is all these things.

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How The Crystal Dawn Began
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