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 Nature God Pan

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PostSubject: Nature God Pan   Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:00 am

Pan has a human upper body & the legs, ears & horns of a goat. Sometimes he was said to be the son of Zeus & Hybris & at others of Hermes, his mother variable.

Very few deities have the lust for life that this forest god has. Pan is the ultimate party guy.....hunting, frolicking with nymphs & playing sweet music on his pan-pipes, sensuality being the key note. The gods said "He delighted all their hearts." Sure, he was a hedonist & had a roving eye, but since his major function is as a fertility deity, Pan just does what comes naturally.

When he was born, the sight of him sent his nurse reeling in horror, (born with an "uncouth face & full beard") Dad Hermes was delighted with his son. Pan was equally loved by the other Olympians, especially Bacchic Dionysus. No wonder, for Pan's attributes are what caused him to become closely tied to the god of wine, revelry & wildness.

Pan is the god of shepherds & symbolizes the pastoral idyll. There were many caves & grottos in Greece that were sacred to Pan. Pan sleeps at noon & great care should be taken not to rouse him, as he can become very cranky. Startled & stampeded flocks are said to have been "pan-icked" by the Little God. People walking in the woods are sometimes overcome by fear or dread, attributed to Pan, who lacks the social niceties & is often

He is opposed to civilization encroaching upon his woodlands & scares away those not in tune with rural life. He's known to be an avenger of wrongs done to animals. Pan represents the spirit of nature, as well as the unfettered human spirit. Pan is the lord of the flesh.....animal instincts that should not always be denied.
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Nature God Pan
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