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 Apollo Info

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PostSubject: Apollo Info   Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:49 pm

The son of Zeus & Leto & the twin of Artemis, Apollo, is at turns, a rapist, luminary, child murderer, purifier, a shooter of pestilential arrows & a celestial musician.

Apollo's lyre was said to be equated with the seasons, & as a god of the shepherds, he's closely associated with Spring. His amorous pursuits were many & varied & reinforce this association. Apollo was not so much heterosexual as he was sexual, & procreative rather than pure. Yet, he was a god of culture, of civic enlightenment
& artistic accomplishment.

Unsavory traits of Apollo included sexual conquest by force, & then there was an incident where he flayed alive the satyr Marsyas, after losing a musical contest to him. Apollo was the ultimate sore loser.

This solar god rode in a swan-drawn carriage & presided over young men as they moved from boyhood to manhood. The pestilent arrows were to punish mortals who offended the gods by omitting due sacrifice or because they interfered with a god's favorite mortal.

Here is a god who is vengeful, passionate & fallible. He has exacting standards, but fails to live up to them himself. Apollo seems all too human in his recorded entirety.
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Apollo Info
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